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 November 30 Birthday Wishes

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PostSubject: November 30 Birthday Wishes   Fri Nov 30, 2012 10:41 am

Efram Zimbalist, Jr. [1918 - ]
Richard Crenna [1926 - 2003]
Rex Reason [1928 - ]
Jack Ging [1931 - ]
Billy Drago [1945 - ]
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Chain Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: November 30 Birthday Wishes   Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:55 am

Howdy Manco!!

Efram Zimbalist jr. began his film career in 1946. He has appeared in films such as Band Of Angels, Too Much, Too Soon, A Fever In The Blood and Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn, but it is in t.v. that Zimbalist has made his mark. With roles on the series, 77 Sunset Strip and his most famous role of agent Lewis Erskine on the 1960's series, F.B.I. Zimbalist's career has spanned over 60 years in film.

Richard Crenna actually began his show business career on the radio show, Our Miss Brooks and when the show moved to t.v., so did Crenna. In 1957, he took on the supporting role of Luke McCoy on the 1957-1963 series, The Real McCoys with Walter Brennan, but it was the role of James Slattery on the 1964-1965 series, Slattery's People that firmly established Crenna as an actor in Hollywood. He made appearances on Cheyenne and The Deputy and then was cast as the Capt. in the Steve McQueen film, Sand Pebbles. Crenna has starred in several other t.v. series, such as Alls Fair and It Takes Two. He has appeared in a couple of westerns films like Breakheart Pass with Charles Bronson and the spaghetti western, The Man Called Noon, but it is for the series of "Rambo" films, as Sylvester Stallone's commanding officer that he is probably best known for. Richard Crenna died in 2003 with heart failure.

Rex Reason is the look a like brother of Rhodes Reason, of the 1957-1959 t.v. series, White Hunter and I often get them confused. Rex made his film debut in the 1952 movie, Scaramouche. He was then cast in a couple of B-horror films like, This Island Earth and the sequel to, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, titled The Creature Walks Among Us. He next appeared in The Badlands Of Montana and The Rawhide Trail, before being cast in the 1957-1959 t.v. series, Man Without A Gun as Adam MacLean. Reason was next cast in a recurring role on the 1960 series, The Alaskans and as Scott Norris on the 1960-1961 series. The Roaring 20's. Reason did his last acting in 1963, on the series Wagon Train and then turned his back on Hollywood to become involved in real estate.

Jack Ging is one of those devious character actors, that you just love to hate!!!! First appearing on the 1958 t.v. series, The Rough Riders, Ging continued to appear on many of the 50's and 60's westerns, like Wanted, Dead Or Alive, Bat Masterson and Black Saddle, until being cast in his first recurring role as Beau McCloud on the series, Tales Of Wells Fargo. Ging apparently made a different impression on Clint Eastwood, because he cast him in 3 of his films, as Marshal Ace Hayes in Hang'um High, as Frank in Play Misty For Me and as the hotel owner in High Plains Drifter. His most memorable role for me, was in the film, Oklahoma City Dolls with Goldie Hawn, as the macho dock foreman at the plant where she worked. As I recall, she put worms in his sandwich to get even for some humilation he heaped upon her. At the time, I thought rigging the pin of a hand grenade to the lid on his lunch box would have been a much better idea and would have spared us any more of his dirty little conniving, underhanded, scheming roles!! Sorry about that, but I really can't stand the characters Ging plays. Ging was next cast as Lt. Ted Quinlan in the 1984-1985 series, Riptide and has the honor of being the only major cast member of the original series, The A-Team, to be killed off in an episode involving a bull fight. Guess they didn't like him any better than I did. Ging continued his film career through 1994, where it seems he retired from acting. His real life wife is named "Apache" and apparently Ging's film personality doesn't extend into his real life, cuz if it did, she sounds like she would'ave had his scalp hanging on her lodge pole long ago!!

Billy Drago began his film career back in 1979. He got his big break in the Clint Eastwood film, Pale Rider by being cast as one of Marshal Stockburn's ( John Russell) Deputies. Next up was Invasion U.S.A. and Drago was on his way to becoming one of the most memorable villains in film. He next snagged the role of the slimy, smiling killer, Frank Nitti in Kevin Costner's, The Untouchables, then again with Chuck Norris in Delta Force II, The Columbia Connection and a recurring role on the t.v. series, The Adventures Of Briscoe County jr., as John Bly. One thing about the movies, they have to have a good villain and Billy Drago has become a mainstay in Hollywood with appearances in Maddog Time, Tremors IIII, Copperhead and many others. A little trivia about Billy Drago. I can't find anything on the internet about it, but I remember reading in Reader's Digest, years ago about his facial features being the result of an accident involving a gas explosion and the many reconstructive surgeries it took to repair his face. Like Jack Palance, who was in an Army Air Force plane crash during WW II bomber training and required major facial reconstruction, sometimes fate has a way of turning something horrendous into something very proffitable for the victim!!


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PostSubject: Re: November 30 Birthday Wishes   Fri Nov 30, 2012 1:34 pm

Ed, don't forget that Efram Zimbalist Jr. played gambler Dandy Jim Buckley on Maverick, and con man Daniel Chalmers (who was Mr. Steele's mentor) on Remington Steele, with his daughter Stephanie.

Also today:

Virginia Mayo (1920-2005) was a voluptuous blonde actress, so versatile she could play the dream girl in movies like Wonder Man, The Kid from Brooklyn, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, or the gangster's moll in White Heat, or the gold digger in The Best Years of Our Lives. The 1950s saw her playing in costume pictures (The Sliver Chalice, Captain horatio Hornblower, King Richard and the Crusades) and Westerns (Colorado Territory, Along the Great Divide, Devil's Canyon, The Big Land). She continued acting into the mid 1990s. She died of congestive heart failure at the age of 84.
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PostSubject: Re: November 30 Birthday Wishes   

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November 30 Birthday Wishes
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