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 November 13 Birthday Wishes

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PostSubject: November 13 Birthday Wishes   Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:43 am

Hal Taliaferro [1895 - 1980]
Mary Beth Hughes [1919 - 1995]
Jack Elam [1920 - 2003]
Don Gordon [ 1926 - ]
Dack Rambo [1941 - 1994
Jimmy Hawkins [1941 - ]
Bobby Clark [1944 - ]
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Chain Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: November 13 Birthday Wishes   Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:32 pm

Howdy Manco!!

Hal Talliaferro got his start in silent films, mostly westerns and between 1921-1936, he appeared in over 90 films, sometimes as Wally Wales and sometimes as Walt Williams. During the late 30's, his career stared going downhill and this was the cause of the name change. It didn't help, because from this point on until he retired in 1951, he only appeared in small roles. He did have a small role in Red River with John Wayne as "ole Leather".

Mary Beth Hughes began her film career in 1939 and stayed busy in film through 1961. She was a natural redhead, but was probably better known as a platinum blonde. She will be best remembered for her roles in The Oxbow Incident and I Accuse My Parents. She left acting to becom a receptionist for a cosmetic surgeon.

One of the most beloved of the western character actors, Jack Elam was running an accounting business, when the Doctor told, that he was either going to have to find another career or go blind. Because of a childhood fight, Elam lost the sight in one of his eyes and staring at the small figures and numbers in his business forced him to work out a deal with a director, who needed funding for his film, to give Elam a small role in his film. So began the career of one of, if not the greatest of the bad guys in western film. Although he had appeared in Ride Vaquero and Rancho Notorious, it was his role in High Noon, that drew him national attention and he was on his way, with appearances in,
Ride Clear Of Diablo, Vera Cruz, Gunfight At The O.K. Corral and roles on every western t.v. series ever made. I even saw him play a Russian Count in an episode of Cheyenne and his false accent was atrocious. In his later years, Elam spoofed his former roles in films like Dirty Dingus McGee and Support Your Local Sheriff and the sequel, Support Your Local Gunfighter. Sergio Leone immortalized Elam, with his cameo role in Leone's masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In The West. Who will ever forget Elam's role as one of the gunfighters sent to dispatch Harmonica( Charles Bronson)?? His trapping of the fly in his gunbarrel and listening to the fly buzz, while he waited for the train to arrive with Woody Strode is classic western film history!!

Don Gordon began his film career in the 1949 classic, 12 O'Clock High and for the next 20 years, he was a bit part actor in films and t.v. Somewhere during this time, he met Steve McQueen and was cast with McQueen in the 1968 thriller, Bullitt as McQueens's partner.He would again work with McQueen in Papillon in 1973. He also appeared in The Towering Inferno. Gordon continued to act until 1993, when he retired.

Dack( Norman) Rambo was the identical twin brother of Dirk Rambo. They were discovered by none other than Loretta Young on her show as extras. While Dirk went on to roles in episodic t.v. in roles like The Virginian, Dack took on the co-starring role with Walter Brennan in The Guns Of Will Sonnett and Never Too Late. Dirk was later klled after being hit by a car in 1967.. Dack next took on regular roles on As The World Turn, All My Children, Sword Of Justice and Dallas. Dack Rambo died in 1994, after contracting the A.I.D. s virus.

Jimmie Hawkins is a child star actor, who began his film career at the age of 3 years old. He has appeared in Jim Thorpe-All American, Winchester 73, Girl Happy and Spinout with Elvis. He also appeard on many of the popular t.v. shows during his career. Lke most child star actors, upon reaching adulthood, roles become fewer and fewer. He will probaby be best remembered for his role of Gail Davis' younger brother " Tagg Oakley on the 1953-1957 t.v. series, Annie Oakley. Hawkins did his last acting in 1974, on the series, Kolchak, The Night Stalker.

Bobby Clark is another child star actor, who began his career in 1951. He appeared in the classic, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and The Ten Commandments. He is better known for his role of Casey Jones. jr on the 1958 t.v. series, Casey Jones. Clark did his last acting in 1961.

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PostSubject: Re: November 13 Birthday Wishes   Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:29 pm

Also today:

Steve Zahn (1967-) may not be a household name, but is a fine actor, having appeared in movies like Reality Bites, Crimson Tide, That Thing you Do, Happy Texas, and Rescue Dawn. He was also the 3rd actor to play Texas Ranger Capt. Augustus McCrae in the Lonesome Dove prequel Comanche Moon.
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PostSubject: Re: November 13 Birthday Wishes   Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:06 am

Jack Elam told Jim and I his two favorite roles was that of the bad man in the Tyrone Power western "Rawhide" because that was the one that really started him out as an established actor.....the other was Support Your Local Sheriff because that was the one that started him in his next portion of his career as a comic.
Jimmy Hawkins continues on the other side of the camera in the position as a producer, his latest "Smart Cookies" showing on the Hallmark channel last August.
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PostSubject: Re: November 13 Birthday Wishes   

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November 13 Birthday Wishes
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