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 Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes

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PostSubject: Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes   Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:25 am

Richard Loo [1903 - 1983]
Robert Gist [1917 - 1998]
Walter Matthau [1920 - 2000]
Lonny Chapman [1920 - 2007]
James Whitmore [1921 - 2009]
George Peppard [1928 - 1994]
Stella Stevens [1936 - ]
Randy Quaid [1950 - ]
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Chain Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes   Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:07 pm

Howdy Manco!!

Richard Loo was a Chinese actor that made his film debut in 1932. In 1942, he began to be cast as the Japanese villain in several WW II war films, like The Purple Heart, The Steel Helmet, GOD Is My Co-pilot, The Destroyer and many others. During the 50's-70's, he also appeared in The Conqueror, The Scavengers, The Sand Pebbles and The Man With The Golden Gun, along with appearing in many of the t.v. westerns, like Wild Wild West, Tombstone Territory, Bonanza and Kung Fu. He was still doing Toyota commercials, when he died.

Robert Gist began his acting career in 1949 and made appearances on many of the t.v. shows popular at the time, like The June Allyson Show, The Goodyear-Philco Hour, and western series like, Death Valley Days. He also appeared in a couple of films like The Stratton Story and Operation Petticoat. During the 60's, he began to direct several t.v. shows like Peter Gunn, The Virginian, Hotel De Paree and over 30 others.

Walter Matthau first showed up in 1950 and had small roles in A Face In The Crowd, Charade, a bigger part in Enign Pulver, but it was The Fortune Cookie and The Odd Couple that made him a box office star. His career spanned 50 years in Hollywood and included films like Hello Dolly, The Odd Couple II, Charley Varrick and The Laughing Policeman. During the 90's, he reinvented his career with his roles in Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men. His chemistry with Jack Lemon is unsurpassed in the 9 films they did together. One of the best of the best ever.

Lonny Chapman was the subject of a trivia quiz not too long ago. After seeing action on Guadalcanal, Chapman began his acting on stage and was a well established actor, when he first appeared in film. He appeared in the films, East Of Eden and Baby Doll, before appearing in a long line of t.v. westerns, like Cade's Country, The Rifleman, McCloud and many other t.v. series of the 50's-80's. Along the way he appeared in The Birds, Take The Money And Run and The Cowboys. A very versatile actor, who was excellent at playing blue collar roles. He never lost his love for the stage and was so active at a North Hollywood Theater, including producing, acting, directing and writing, they named the theater for him.

I guess I first saw James Whitmore in the early 1950's sci-fi film, Them, with James Arness, although Whitmore had actually made his film debut in 1949. He had already appeared in The Outriders, It's A Big Country and The Asphalt Jungle. His film career spanned from 1949-2007, almost 60 years. Never the handsome leading man type, but always one of the best character actors of his generation. He appeared on most of the western series during the 50's-70's, including The Loner, The Big Valley and The Virginian, while being cast in many films of note, like Tora, Tora, Tora, Planet Of The Apes and his role as the old trustee in The Shawshank Redemption was Oscar worthy.

George Peppard first showed up in 1956 and although he was probably better know for his roles in The Blue Max and Breakfast At Tiffanys, he did appear in several westerns, like How The West Was Won, Rough Night In Jericho and One More Train To Rob. He will probably be best remembered for his 1980's t.v. series, Banacek and The A Team.

The Beautiful Stella Stevens began her film career in 1959 in the film, L'il Abner and Girl, Girls Girls, with Elvis. She hit it big in 1970, when she appeared as a prostitute in Sam Peckinpah's favorite film, The Ballad Of Cable Hogue. She followed that up with roles in Rage, The Silencers, The Poseidon Adventure and The Long Shot. She has also been active in t.v. for decades including a regular role on the 80's series, Flamingo Road.

Randy Quaid is one of the zaniest characters ever to arrive in Hollywood. He worked a year as a janitor and within 1 year, he was nominated for as Academy Award for his role in the 1973 film, The Last Detail. Although probably better known for his roles in Independance Day, Brokeback Mountain and National Lampoon's, Christmas Vacation, he has also appeared in several westerns, like The Missouri Breaks, The Last Ride Of The Dalton Gang and The Long Riders, with his brother Dennis Quaid. He was lauded by the critics for his role as Col. Tom Parker in the film, Elvis. He has been sued by his fellow actors in 1 film, arrested for running out on a 10.000.00 hotel bill, sued the producers of Brokeback Mountain and then dropped the case , declared bankruptcy and has sought asylum in Canada. A wonderful actor, but who knows what he's gonna do next??


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PostSubject: Re: Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes   Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:21 pm

James Whitmore is one of those supporting actors we so dearly miss. He could play any kind of role and was sometimes compared to Spenser Tracy. I love a lot of his work but to keep it in tune with the forum, two of my favorites were THEM! with a young James Arness and The Command with Guy Madison. From the IMDB about The Command:

Filmed in two separate versions - 3-D and CinemaScope - with different aspect ratios (1.37:1 for the 3-D, and 2.55:1 for the CinemaScope print). Only the wide screen version was ever released, though the 3-D elements still exist in Warner Bros. vault. Also the first wide screen Western of the 1950's. The flat (i.e. non 3-D) 1.37:1 version was also made available to theatres who were not yet equipped to project CinemaScope.
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PostSubject: Re: Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes   Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:17 pm

Howdy, Pards!

I really like James Whitmore in the 1950 war film Battleground, where at the end his feet are frostbitten and he's barely walking, but when he sees the relief troops coming, he gets his troops in step and starts calling the cadence.

Also today:

Laurence Harvey (1928-1973) was a Lithuanian born actor who is most famous for his roles in The Manchurian Candidate, Butterfield 8, and as Colonel William Travis in John Wayne's epic The Alamo. He died of stomach cancer at the age of 45.

Richard Harris (1930-2002) was a British actor of stage and screen. He has probably played King Arthur in the musical Camelot more than anybody! In his career he's made a few Westerns: Major Dundee, The Deadly Trackers, Man in the Wilderness, A Man Called Horse and Return of A Man Called Horse, and Unforgiven.
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PostSubject: Re: Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes   

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Ocotber 1 Birthday Wishes
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