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 February 10 Birthday Wishes

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PostSubject: February 10 Birthday Wishes   Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:34 am

Alan Hale [1892 - 1950]

Walter Reed [1916 - 2001]
Jerry Goldsmith [1929 - 2004]

Robert Wagner [1930 - ]
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PostSubject: Re: February 10 Birthday Wishes   Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:10 pm

Wow! Some very talented folks today!

Alan Hale played sidekick to swashbuckling actors Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks. He played Little John along side of both Fairbanks and Flynn in 1922 and 1938 respectively, and again in Rogues of Sherwood Forest, his final film in 1950.

Walter Reed was in a lot of movies and TV shows. I know best as Gail Russel's husband in Seven Men From Now, and the uncredited role of Capt. McAfee in Sergeant Rutledge.

Jerry Goldsmith was a great film composer. He would always come up a unique score for each movie he worked on: from the awkward and desolate tones of Planet of the Apes, the Gregorian Chants of The Omen, the Egyptian feel of The Mummy, and the majestic theme Star Trek the Motion Picture. He ranks right up there with Elmer Bernstein, Bernard Hermann, John Barry, and John Williams.

Robert Wagner's done so much, mostly remembered for It Takes a Thief and Hart To Hart. Younger viewers know him as Dr. Evil's henchman #2 in the Austin Powers movies. Most of us remember him as Prince Valiant and Jesse James, among other things.
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PostSubject: Re: February 10 Birthday Wishes   Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:49 pm

Walter Reed was one of my very best and closest friends. Jim and I knew him for the final 18 years of his life and had many great visits. He and his wife Elizabeth would also attend the stage plays were performed in. His favorite role was thatt of Gail Russell's husband in "Seven Men from Now", and another was in the world war II film, "Fighter Squadron." He had a great sense of humor and would often call us on the phone to share a new joke. Shortly before he passed away in Santa Cruz, California, the town celebrated Walter Reed Day and one of the local theaters showed "Seven Men From Now", followed by questions and answers to Walter from the audience, and a phone call from director Budd Boetticher, who used Walter in about ten of his films. Several years earlier the town of Santa Cruz celebrated Rory Calhoun Day, as he lived here in his youth, and Rory came and the theater showed "Way of a Gaucho". Both Walter and Rory have their handprints and autographs in the cement in front of that theater. We went with Walter when they celebrated Rory Calhoun Day (they were both friends and worked together) and they shared sonme funny stories when they made "Yellow Tomahawk" in Moab, Utah. When early TV started, many actors felt it was below them to work in television, but Walter saw there was much work there and was in shows like Lone Ranger, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill Jr, and the like....later working in bigger shows like Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Virginian & Cheyenne. When some of his friends who did not want to work in TV asked Walter how he could lower himself to work in such a medium, Walter would ask them, "How long has it been since you worked?" "Oh, four months," would come the reply. Walter, who was working steady in TV as well as films, would remark to them, "You're only an actor as long as you are working." He also starred in two of the serials for the Saturday matinees ("Government Agents vs. the Phantom Legion" & "Flying Disc Man from Mars.") Later in his career he was taken in by John Ford as one of his stock company (his good friend Chuck Roberson...John Wayne's stuntman...introducing him to Ford) and worked in "Sergeant Rutledge", "Horse Soldiers" & "Cheyenne Autumn.") One of my other favorites with Walter was the western, "War Paint" with Robert Stack and a great list of supporting players like Bob Wilke, John Doucette, Charles McGraw, Paul Richards, Peter Graves, Keith Larsen, William Pullen, Joan Taylor & Douglas Kennedy, & filmed in Death Valley. He also did several films with Tim Holt. A long list of non-western credits as well. One of his final roles was as a really nasty character in Steve McQueen's "Sand Pebbles" before retiring. One of the really nice people we have had the pleasure to know. Still miss him a lot. Happy 96th, Walter.
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Chain Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: February 10 Birthday Wishes   Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:31 pm

Howdy Pards!!

About the only thing I remember with Alan Hale is one of the Robin Hood films with either Flynn or Fairbanks, in which he played Little John. It is only now, looking at the photo of him, that I realize how much his son, Alan Hale .jr resembled him.

Jerry Goldstein was a great composer. His works in Tinhorn's list rank with the best.

I've seen Robert Wagner in everything from Broken Lance to It Takes A Thief to Hart To Hart with Stephanie Powers, to an appearance on Seinfeld and advertisements for reverse mortgages. I don't think the guy is ever gonna retire!!

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PostSubject: Re: February 10 Birthday Wishes   

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February 10 Birthday Wishes
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